With EXPRESS RMS you can stay in your place and sell around the world. Your customers will buy with confidence because they know that their order is being delivered to Russia by a professional company which is specialized in deliveries from the USA, European Union and Asia (China-HK) to Russia.


Here are some of the reasons:

v Shipping to Russia by using low Flat rate box starting from $25 per kg

v Guaranteed express delivery to any location in Russian Federation within 5 – 14 days

v We have the lowest rates in the International market

v High level shipment tracking and monitoring system

v For your convenience, we offer different types of shipping methods (by air and by ground)

v Insurance is included for all types of shipping

v Pickup Points are able to distribute 300,000 orders monthly

v We have more than 250 Pickup Points across Russia

v We guarantee the final price of Landed Costs & Taxes. No hidden fees or extra charges

v Super simple data transfer

v We deliver to all major Russian cities every day

v Our Pickup Points have convenient locations, not in the industrial zones

v Easy return services. We offer state-of-the-art logistics and warehousing solutions for the returns (including further re-export) and

        the best price on the market

For all the reasons above, you will minimize your customer's risks If you entrust orders transportation to EXPRESS RMS. As a result customer loyalty towards your web store will grow up and will inevitably lead to an increase in sales volume.