Express RMS will take care of your orders while you focus on growing your business. You can send your goods to our warehouses in Russia or we’ll pick up the goods from your suppliers. A variety of carrier options make it easy to get goods to our locations.

FULFILMENT SERVICES IN RUSSIA (Responsible Storage of The Goods and Packaging)

v Transportation the goods from the suppliers

v Processing and bar-coding goods

v Kitting orders

v Packaging for shipping

v Labeling

v Preparation of documents that accompanies parcels


v We keep you informed about your inventory levels, orders and shipments with our web-based software

v Our service protects and organizes your goods for safe, secure inventory storage and fast, efficient e-Commerce fulfillment that easily scales with your  

        growing business.

v To access the information about your goods and orders, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection. We provide you with a secure login that

        can be used at any time to check your inventory, orders and shipments.

v You pay only for the amount of storage space you use. Period of storage is not limited.

v Our state-of-the-art warehouses in Moscow and in Saint-Petersburg will keep your goods moving safely and securely. Our warehouses are equipped  

         with video security and have all necessary equipment for quick and high-quality operations.

v You will keep your money if you give your goods for storing to EXPRESS RMS because you'll pay only for the space you actually use.

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